Upgrade your brain with Exoneuro

Improve yourself with a non-invasive headband.

About Exoneuro

Exoneuro is an Irish neurodevelopment company manufacturing non-medical devices and producing innovative software aimed at helping people to evolve their cognitive functions and increase their abilities. The United Arab Emirates office details can be found below. Our products and services are intended to provide information that can help people to manage and support general well-being specifically by improving skills for relaxation or stress management.

Exoneuro has launched its EEG neurofeedback device and meditation platform in 2016. Since then a lot of work and resources were put in place which led to building of the physical headset that contains sensors to measure brain activity. With Exoneuro Headband it is now possible to provide real-time on-screen feedback including a complete guided course of exercises that can be tailored to many needs.

Exoneuro continuously participates in thematic exhibitions and conferences worldwide, keeps track of all modern developments and technological innovations, conducts research studies, and consults with the leaders in the fields in order to create high-tech equipment and refine it with our unique complex systems: solutions, training programs, bespoke software.


Exoneuro — a complex solution comprised of 3 key elements:
An EEG headset that registers brain signals by using 6 dry active electrodes. Monopolar The number of channels 8 - Fp1, Fp2, T3, T4, O1, O2 + GND and Rf Bluetooth 4.0 Work range from PC Up to 15 meters Data frequency is 125 Hz. EDF data recording Standby time - 120 days Weight 120 gr.
Neuro-feedback system — all data is transferred to a PC or smartphone via Bluetooth. The user is given certain visual and sound stimuli through the screen and headphones, depending on the rhythms of the brain.
Alpha training — a set of neurotraining tools  developing the alpha rhythm (resting rhythm) and normal metabolism of the brain and its functional reserves through it.

What can Exoneuro give you?

Quality sleep
Quality sleep — you’ll wake up well-rested and energized.
Improvement of your psycho-emotional state
Improvement of your psycho-emotional state (No more sudden tears and anger spurts)
A “happy life” feeling
A «happy life» feeling
Increased efficiency
Increased efficiency and productivity at work, stress resistance


Exoneuro WIT is a platform for all that is connected to the human-computer interface, brain and one’s cognitive abilities.
Now you can experience new ways of brain control:
Mental conditioning
To get access to our neurogames and cognitive test please download the app:
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How does Exoneuro work?
Six dry electrodes located on the inner side of the headset register brain signals and then transmit data to the connected device (PC, Smartphone).
Is Exoneuro a medical device?
No, Exoneuro is not a certified medical device. It is a consumer product intended to promote general well-being only. It should not be used to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical conditions. Our products and services are intended to provide information that can help to maintain general well-being. We encourage people to speak with a helthcare provider if they have any concerns about their health or are thining of making changes to any current presciption medications.
What can I achieve with Exoneuro?
Our headset helps you restore the alpha rhythm (resting rhythm) and normal metabolism of the brain and its functional reserves.
How do I start using the headset?
Slightly shake the headset to activate it. Once the status indicator blinks green occasionally, it is ready for use. Put it on and connect to the software within 15 min of activation.
Can I connect the headset to my smartphone?
Yes, you can connect Exoneuro to any device that supports BLE-4.0 protocol.
Are training sessions available only in English?
Currently yes, but we are looking into adding new languages in the new future.